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Elegant 10k White Gold Hoop Earrings for Everyday Use and Special Occasions

The elegant 10k white gold hoop earrings create beautiful ears without exaggerate look. The simple design makes it suitable for everyday use, at home or at office. For formal office appearance, small hoop is preferable. For casual look, large white gold hoop earrings will boost attractiveness of every female who wear it. However, large hoops are heavier that will not suitable for long time use.

White gold diamond hoop earrings

White gold 10K is the choice for real white metal color. The shiny white gold hoop earrings have neutral color that makes it easier to match it with clothing in any color as well as easy to match with makeup. For 14K and 18K white gold, they commonly have a slight yellow shade, especially after long time wear after the coating fades. Apart from the white color, 10K white gold is affordable option because it has smaller gold concentration. Hence, small white gold hoop earrings are perfect for everyday use.

10k white gold hoop earrings cheap

Diamonds are commonly added to the hoop to increase the beauty as well as increase the value of the earrings. Mostly, white gold diamond hoop earrings use colorless or white diamond because colorless diamond is perfect match to white gold. Fancy diamonds are other option for different attractiveness. White gold will make the color look like it supposed to be, yellow to be yellow, pink to be pink, and blue to be blue.

Since the hoop is commonly narrow, small diamond, less than 0.5c is commonly used. The diamond could be single diamond on the center of the hoop or multiple diamonds along the hoop. Single small diamond on white gold small hoop earrings will create cute look, perfect for casual uses when hang out with friends or shopping. It is also suitable for office look.

Small white gold hoop earrings

More diamonds mean more sparkling white gold earrings hoops will be. Sparkling hoops still suitable for everyday use but bigger size will make it more suitable for special occasion that need earrings that are more glamorous. Choices that are more glamorous are white gold large hoop earrings and white gold huggie hoop earrings with full diamonds along the hoop. Larger and wider diamond hoop earrings white gold will make the earring more sparkling that suitable for evening time. For special occasion, such as evening party, hoop with higher quality diamonds are desirable due to better twinkling.

10k white gold hoop earrings for men

White gold hoops are also suitable for wedding, especially if the bride choose the traditional white color for the gown. The preference is hoop earrings with diamond because diamond is wedding tradition. Commonly, bride choose small hoop because the emphasis are on the gown and makeup. However, some brides want to show free spirit by choosing large diamond hoop earrings white gold. The choice of gown, makeup, and wedding theme is affecting the choice of earrings.

Large diamond hoop earrings white gol

When earring is used together with other jewelries, especially necklace, the design should match each other. When the earrings are 10k white gold hoop earrings, the necklace is better to be another 10k white gold or white metal. The style should match as well, vintage with vintage, contemporary with contemporary. Just make sure the balance and beautiful overall look of the jewelries.Read reviews about Mens black diamond earrings here ..

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